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Industrial trailing plug & connector types explained

Also named as Commando plugs, IEC 60309, CEEform plugs, CEE plugs or often in construction just by colour and size of plug.

Example of IP44 rated plug & connector

(Protection against objects above 1mm & protection against spraying water)
This IP rating perfect for mostly Indoor use. This  example is of a 230volt plug & connector.
We use high quality heavy duty industrial trailing plugs & connectors on all our Leads with crimped cable core ends for a secure connection.


ip44 water proof plug example

Example of IP67 rated plug & connector

(Protection against dust & can temporary submersed in water up to a depth of 1 meter)
More expensive than the IP44 range but recommended for outdoor use. Some companies simply choose to use IP67 rated plugs & connectors
for the more secure bayonet type interlocking connection.
This is a example of a 230v plug & connector.

ip67 plug waterproof explained

IP44 & IP67 industrial plugs/connectors can be interconnected if required.

Example of the two types of 3 phase UK plugs

Plug on the left is referenced as a 3phase+nuetral+earth (also known as a 5pin or 5pole) 
Plug on right is referenced in our shop as 3phase & earth (also known as a 4pin or 4pole)

3 phase 4pin & 5pin plugs explained

Example of 63amp plug with pilot pin

In accordance with BS.EN60309 63amp Industrial trailing plugs/connectors are equipped with a smaller pilot pin that can be utilised for the connection to a suitable control cct which in turn will provide a safe electrical interlock that will close the load after all the larger pins are mated.
The above is now an old method of connecting heavy current equipment & normally now a days safe connection/disconnection of high load equipment using extension leads is done using a mechanical interlock preventing the switching on until the plug is fully inserted into the wall mounted outlet. Normally high current electrical equipment will also have its own mechanical or electrical interlock engineered in. Its so rare in the UK now to connect the pilot pins that some manufactures are dropping this pilot pin connection in the connector & also suitable cable with an extra smaller pilot cable is very hard to source.

pilot pin 63amp plug explained

16amp, 32amp & 63amp 230volt plugs dimensions below
3pin = live, neutral & earth

3phase 16amp, 32amp & 63amp "4pin" plug types dimensions
4pin = 3 phases & earth only

3 phase 16amp, 32amp & 63amp "5pin"plug types dimensions
5pin = 3 phases, nuetral & earth


What is meant by the hour pin position?

IEC60309 is the world wide standard so that there can be no interchangeably between the range of trailing plugs & connectors available as the earth pin (the largest pin) is placed in a different clock position according to the rated voltage & frequency.  Other factors that prevent  misuse are the different sizes of the pins and also the plug & connector dimensions according to the current rating.  In the UK the plugs & connectors types we use on our 400v 50hz network should have a 6 hour earth pin but it is not uncommon to come across 11hr earth pins for 60hz networks installed in error to our UK network as there are also readily available.

Note: The actual clock position is determined by looking at the “connector “ from the front with the Keyway at the bottom.


earth hour chart table cee commando plugs

The earth pin hr position is determined at connector or wall socket

110volt 4 hour earth pin position

CEE worldwide standard of the colours that also identify the range of trailing plug & connectors available

colours of commando cee plug range