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Guide below for customers that are unsure what type of 13amp Extension Lead they require

We definitely don't recommend overloading any extension lead but good quality fully uncoiled extension leads fit for purpose will pop the plug-top fuse if overloaded & not overheat. For example a slightly overloaded extension lead pulling 15amp could take as long as 3hours to pop a 13amp plug-top fuse so use the guide below to help learn how to not overload extension leads also please note not all extension leads on the market are rated to 13amp.

Guide below for customers that are unsure what type of Industrial Extension Lead they require

Please reference the questions to ask yourself & images of plug types below
You can click the links to guide you to the most commonly used extension leads

110v extension leads

16amp or 32amp extension lead?

110volt 16amp extension leads
110volt 16amp plug standard dimensions

110volt 32amp extension leads
32amp 110volt plug size dimensions

230v extension leads

16amp or 32amp extension lead?

230volt 16amp extension leads
16amp 230volt commando plug dimensions

230volt 32amp extension leads
32amp 230volt blue plug size

400volt extension leads

16amp,32amp or 63amp extension lead?
4pin or 5pin extension lead?
Earth pin position (the large pin) ?

400volt 16amp 4pin extension leads
standard size of 16amp 4 pin plug

400volt 16amp 5pin extension leads
dimensions of 3 phase 16amp 5 pin plug

400volt 32amp 4pin extension leads
world wide commando plug dimensions

400volt 32amp 5pin extension leads
32amp 5 pin 3 phase plug size

400volt 63amp 4pin extension leads
63amp plug with pilot pin 4 pin

400volt 63amp 5pin extension leads
63amp 5 pin plug with pilot pin

Note only :- It is not uncommon to find 400v connectors with 11hr earth pin postions as they are also readily available, but 400v connectors connected to
the UK electrical distribution network (50hz) should be 6 hour pins, the 11hour earth pin postion was designed for 60hz supplys